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Wat by TempeNekoChan Wat :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 0
Just Another Night
Well I guess there was nothing I could do, it was either sleep or have a chance of having another one of those dreams; so I decided that I was going to try and stay awake, it didn't take much effort as I already had thoughts that would keep me from sleeping and of course, I had my DS to keep me entertained Harvest Moon…haven't played that in a while so I decided to go and do whatever I end up doing in that game.
An hour had passed before I realized it and it didn't take long for me to get board of watering crops and digging in mines. I saved and turned it off before putting it back into its Ho-Oh themed case.
As soon as I put the DS down, it all hit me I cannot exactly remember what I was thinking, being a little tired and all but it was enough to make me feel a little upset, and made me realize how lonely I was, my room much darker since the light of the DS screen went out and I didn't want to resort to using a torch like last time.
I thought for a few moments, starting to feel a
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 0
The Princess of The Lab
I sat in the lab like I had been doing for the past few weeks, I would be working right now but because of Lance being so damn picky about the cases we could be working on, I haven't been able to do anything. This was starting to drive me insane, I wanted to desperately to grab him and just tell him to just choose a case or I'll have to do something drastic, what you may ask? Well I work in a lab; I have all the equipment I need. Not that I would actually end up doing it of course.
"Hey Myka~" A familiar voice called out, standing before me was the man himself, his brown eyes had a shine in them, oh god what has he done now? It's amazing how he gets away with half the stuff he does, either was I was too bored and frustrated to think about what the hell he might or might not have done.
"Hey Lance have you actually made up your mind? Or do I have to force you to make a decision and gunpoint" I said in my usual serious yet sarcastic tone. Don't worry, I don't understand why I thought abou
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 1 0
Sir Bushmore McFluffins by TempeNekoChan Sir Bushmore McFluffins :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 20 OH GOD WHY... by TempeNekoChan OH GOD WHY... :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 12
"Smile" I thought as my friends started walking away, I was supposed to follow but I was stopped by own thoughts.
"You have to smile, I know you don't want to but, you have to, how would they feel if they talked to you and you refused to smile at anything they say?" I thought again, so I have to literally order myself to do it now? I soon realized the reason why I hated my own guts sometimes, I was so right most of the time that it was sickening, I knew I had to smile at least a little, but I wanted to fight myself so badly, my head felt like it was going to explode.
"I-I'm going-:" I said but I was unable to get the words out, I can't even catch anybody's attention, I decided not to wait around and be forced to yell at myself for making me sick with my so-called "Reasons" for living, with my so-called almost non-existent "Good Nature", the side of me which just accepts fate and doesn't fight in any way whatsoever.
I just ran, I didn't know where I was going
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 1 0
"Maybe tomorrow…" those words are repeated to myself over and over without fail, maybe tomorrow things will be different, maybe tomorrow things will be better, maybe tomorrow I'll sleep better.
Maybe, just maybe tomorrow will be the day that things change.
But do they change? Will anything change? Even if I do something about today, will tomorrow be any better? Any different?
Each time I ask that question, I get the same reply, no, I wake up the next morning and nothing is different, everything is the same as yesterday but slightly different, maybe my cat will jump on my keyboard while I'm writing or, I get an opportunity to miss that class with the lecturer I hate but nothing is as different as you think, it's still the same repeated day, nothing will ever change, no day will be the day that things will all change.
I think that's why several years ago, I decided to change things myself, but apparently not many people approve of my ideas,
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 0
Myka's Thoughts
I spent most of my days in the dark corners of my room, most of the time I was just sitting there, thinking and when I'm not doing that was listening to my mother's lectures, then her just leaving me standing there when work called, I was used to being alone, it was my life I didn't want friends, well I didn't need them at the time. I only became a doctor to hopefully get some of my mother's love but that didn't turn out well, she used it as an excuse to shut me out more.
Strange, she reacted badly when I became a forensic scientist, despite her not being too bothered about me.
Anyway, I remember one night she was at work longer than usual, I had read every book that I had in my room and I didn't feel like writing so I sat in that dark corner, just thinking…
Then I imagined something, a place much different from where I was, a brighter place, a happier place.
A warm place, with warm people, a world much different from the world that I knew, much different from the world I know now
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 2
What is wrong with me?
My hooves moved slowly as I walked back upstairs. It was the first time a friend visited me, ever. I couldn't believe I was able to give him that drawing I felt a warm sensation in my chest when I thought about how I was finally able to do something right.
The happy feelings as usual, didn't last too long…
The conversation at lunch still burned in my mind, I couldn't help but feel a little angry. I loved my mother but I wished she actually heard my words. This was always how it is, and probably how it always will be…
Does she seriously think that I can't do anything myself? I would actually try to do something but seeming as though I'm always being told not to I don't bother. I gave up trying years back, I stomped my hoof on the floor then looked around hoping that nobody heard it. My white ears went back as I stumbled back into my room and went on my computer. I tried to forget by going on deviantART and talking about the GOOD things that has happened to me in that jo
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 1 3
A hero of few words by TempeNekoChan A hero of few words :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 5 0
To the sky
The cage, it's tiny so small that you could hardly fit in it. And after all these years, nothing has changed, nobody has opened that cage, they did once but they just shut the door again. The door was locked so you couldn't open it yourself, making you lose any hope of opening it at all. It isn't fun, being trapped in a cage, you had to stay there and watch as everybody else get their freedom and the ability to fly away, where's you are forced to watch this happening everyday behind a set of bars. When were you going to get the chance to fly? When were you going to be let out of that cage? You'll never know all you can do is sit and watch as even your friend has more freedom than you. You wish you could just go out the door at any time and walk outside but you can't because they think you'll get attacked or something, you wish you could go somewhere on your own without them questioning where you were and who you were with. It isn't fun at all.
The cage causes even you to feel claustrop
:icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 0 0
Chocolate cornet by TempeNekoChan Chocolate cornet :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 2 3 Going on a adventure by TempeNekoChan Going on a adventure :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 3 4 Up to the sky by TempeNekoChan Up to the sky :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 4 0 Black blade by TempeNekoChan Black blade :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 7 5 I WANNA PLAY by TempeNekoChan I WANNA PLAY :icontempenekochan:TempeNekoChan 9 18


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